Fortunes Told Candle Range – Medium


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My very own range of 100% Eco Soy hand poured candles and lead free wicks already infused with the

Intent – Purpose – Direction need to bring changes into your life.


This is the perfect time to co create your destiny using your very own Fortunes Told Candle




No matter what Candle they all have the power

to create change in a positive and uplifting way into our lives

By being positive and being mindful of the direction we are heading in

Creating your new destiny with the help of your very own

Choice Natural Eco Soy Candle today


Fortunes-told candle range-medium – Eco soy natural hand poured candles. Bring changes into your life today Intent-Purpose-Direction



Fortunes Told Range

  1. Love – P.S. I love you
  2. Destiny – Frangipani, coconut and vanilla
  3. Good Luck – Black Amber & lavender
  4. Travel – Black raspberry & vanilla
  5. Meditation – Orange and vanilla
  6. Passion – Passionfruit & papaya
  7. Soul Mate – Energy with sex on the beach
  8. Clearing – Eucalyptus & peppermint
  9. Manifest – Vocarro orange & myrrh with orange & vanilla
  10. Forgiveness – Neroli & Shea blossom with vanilla
  11. Patience – Sweet lemongrass with lemon myrtle


Fortunes-told candle range medium Eco soy natural hand poured candles. Bring changes into your life today Intent-Purpose-Direction


    • For that reason exciting times ahead as you co create your destiny with Astrology Range  Candle.
    • As a result change your ENERGY
    • Certainly time to attract LOVE
    • Maybe the time to increase WEALTH
    • Even more  to change your DESTINY
    • Likewise increase PATIENCE
    • Because Soy Medium Candle to enhance your life and bring positive and uplifting energy into your home in work environment.
    •  Also our Candles are in glass container with lid perfect for any home/work environment.
    • Medium 30 hours approx burn time with your home/space smelling and feeling divine how perfect is that.


How to Burn your 100% Natural Soy Candle

  • First of all place candle on coaster and not direct on furniture before lighting.
  • Furthermore write on piece of paper what you would like to attract in your life and place under candle.
  • Above all light for 15 mins to 2 hours a day.
  • Also keep wick short and well-trimmed to enhance burning time.









Amanda Hall – Celebrity Astrology

has worked with candles all her career.

Now is proud to release these editions

to our candle range to enhance your life.


Eco Soy Candle Versus Chemical Candle










Love, Wealth, Destiny, Good Luck, Healing, Travel, Meditation, Passion, Soul Mate, Clearing, Mainfest, Forgiveness, Patience, Dreams, Protection

3 reviews for Fortunes Told Candle Range – Medium


    Maz Rukz

    It was so lovely to see you Amanda and your beautiful new candle range they’re amazing.


    Terry Virgina 8.10.15

    Beautiful Smelling Candles for Every situation..

    Amanda Halls Awesome Collection


    Thank you Amanda, for the candles you sent me. They each have beautiful and powerfully effective energy. That does what it says on each of the different labels accordingly. I am rarely this impressed by product ranges intended. To clear or change spaces on an energy level. However these did more than impress me. These candles absolutely get my personal & professional recommendation. Thank you for bringing these into existence they are much needed at this time for many. Blessings Jacquelene

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