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     Simply Astrology Master Course

Amanda Hall -Psychic Hall of Fame

Australian Psychic of Year 2014/15/16/17

Always wanted to learn Astrology?

Now is the perfect time to learn.

Learning can be easy and fun now

In the Virtual classroom of Video Skype

what could be easier and a fabulous way to learn Astrology

You don’t even have to leave your computer desk or mobile device

Don’t miss this chance to learn Astrology with a master astrologer 

Featured on A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV



Simply Astrology Certificate Master Course 

Astrology  Chart

Astrology is a researched science that helps us understand what makes us tick.

Helps us to make decisions and enrich our lives through better understanding and compassion.

What is a Horoscope?

This is your blue print to life.

It is a snap shot at where the planets are at your birth.

This reveals your unique story and how you will live your life.

How can Astrology help me?




Simple it will give you a much greater understanding of your strengths and weakness.

Why and how you react to life’s challenges and triumphs.

This can lead toward a much more fulfilled and rewarding life.


What will I learn?



Learn more about your lover, partner children, family and friends.

This helps to maintain better and heather relationship.

Through understanding everyone’s needs and desires for a better life.

What skills do I need to an Astrologer ?

John Halloran Astrology Software
John Halloran Astrology Software the best Astrology Software in the world used by Amanda Hal Psychic-Astrologer
Simply Astrology Master Course



Do I need to be good at Mathematics to learn Astrology?

The answer is no basic math is involved.

Today we use Astrology Software designed for computers

This makes the drawing up of the Astrology chart much faster.

I use and recommend Halloran Software.





Is it written in the stars?




You can create a very bright future indeed.

Especially when you learn the ancient wisdom of astrology

This will help you understand your self and others.

Bring answers to life big mysteries.

Help you make better decisions.

So yes  your future is very bright indeed.




Simply Astrology Master Course

1. 16 Video Skype Lessons – approx. 1 hourphone-reading-amanda2. 18 months to complete cours
3. Anytime, anywhere, in virtual classroom
4. Private lessons – Or learn with a friend
5. Bonus course material
6. Easy and fun to learn
7. Be your own Astrologer
8. New Career
9. Book Today



Amanda Hall – Psychic Qualifications

Amanda Hall Psychic Hall Of Fame 2013 awarded at Psychic Tv Studio Sydney live on the show Psychic Tv

1. Physic Hall Of Fame Australia 2013

2. Australian Psychic of Year 2014/15/16

3. Cert 1V in Training & Assessment

4. Cert IV in Small Business Management

5. Train The Trainer 1 and 11

6. Teaching tarot & astrology over 35 years

7. Published author with Hinkler Books Australia

8. Former Senior Psychic Astrologer – Trainer Eso Tv

9. Former Senior Psychic Astrologer – Trainer Psychic Tv

10. Featured on A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV

Yes we offer Payment plan on learning with Amanda Hall Psychic

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    1 review for Simply Astrology Master Course- Amanda Hall

    1. am Hall

      Great course and I loved the way I was able to work on my family and friends throughout the course. So much to learn but Amanda made it fun an easy even though there was heaps of homework I love doing it each week as I learnt more about myself or loved ones. Cant recommend this course enough. It has changed my life in the most positive way and was worth so much more money than it cost. How can you out a price on knowledge that makes you a better person. I know I would do it all again in heart beat and pay much than id did the first time. Thanks Amanda and Cyber hug to you beautiful lady Cheers Suzzie that now sparkles in every way xxx

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