Astrology Compatibility Chart – Lovers – Friends – Work Mates E Chart



Compatibility Astrology-chart

First of all now we can understand the people in  our lives and what makes them tick.

Because astrology is an amazing too for sharing this information with us.

Certainly lovers can be fascinating as we explore what draws us to each other.

Hence family can be tricky to understand as they have strong opinions.




Certainly Work Mates are sometime like aliens from another planet as they have their own agenda.

Because In these modern  times we are able to take the information of two people and create a new astrology chart





  • first of all how amazing would it be to have the insight into what makes your lover/partner tick.
  • Well now you can with our amazing Compatibility Chart
  • For that reason easy to read and understand how you can make your relationship better.
  • Finally this booklet is crammed full of information to improve your relationship approx 35 pages




  • First of all they seem like stranger?
  • Because sometimes family are like aliens
  • Even more we can help you change this with a compatibility chart.
  • Because this helps you gain insight into why you are different.
  • Finally improve your relationship through understanding


Work Friends/Colleagues


  • Tension on the job?
  • Help understand your fellow work mate
  • Why do they lose their cool easily?
  • we have some solutions for you
  • with better understanding what makes you both different.



Compatibility Charts

  • E Booklet crammed full ways reading with amazing insights into each other
  • Are we a good match?
  • let’s find out. We can always improve a bad situation
  • With understanding
  • Good honest communication

Please fill in information box at the bottom of this page with information for the two people for compatibility charts name, dates of birth, place and time of birth if known. Email address.

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    1. am Hall

      Got on on work and now I understand my boss much better we have been able to work through our power struggle blessing for sure….. Happy workers

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