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Media-Examples-Amanda-Hall-Psychic. Radio-TV-Print. Media-through-the-years. Celebrity TV tarot master-astrologer has shared her wisdom.

Amanda Hall Psychic Hall Of Fame 2013 awarded at Psychic Tv Studio Sydney live on the show Psychic Tv

First of all Amanda Hall Psychic commenced her career at a very early age.

Because it was not fashionable to be different or venture into the Psychic world.

So most people were not comfortable with this different way of viewing the world.

Even more so it was against their upbringing.

Probably this made Amanda more determined than ever.

Above all to share her knowledge with all who would listen.

Due to this passion for sharing her knowledge with everyone this led Amanda into the world of media as the way forward.     

Probably many people along the way did not want to know.

Therefore they avoided looking at this different way of fixing their world.

So this became a mission  for her to enlighten people.

Certainly make is normal to view the Psychic world and all its tools.


Media-Examples-Amanda-Hall-Psychic. Radio-TV-Print. Media-through-the-years. Celebrity TV tarot master-astrologer has shared her wisdom.


Amanda Hall Psychic Showreel  

TV Media 

Psychic TV – PTV – Psychic TV Australia

Amanda enjoyed over 4 years on PTV. The show had many face lifts and set changes and the viewers went with us on this amazing journey.

Even though ti was late night TV we all embraced it and it became a favorite show for many people.

In the early days it was a broadcast 7 nights on the TV which was made up from 4 night live and 3 night repeats of the previous weeks shows.

This enabled viewers to still feel connected to the show and they were able to still get a live reading from the Interstate & International Psychics logged into take their calls.

So no one was left with the opportunity to get a live reading during the shows.  –QKGnE


Television Commercials


Psychic Today – England UK.

Well it was quite an honour and a testament to Amanda’s skills on TV as a Psychic-Astrologer.

When Psychic Today from the UK approached her to pioneer their New Breakfast Television  Show where the Psychic would host the show.

Share their knowledge with the viewers. During the show Amanda would answer live to camera sms -text readings for the viewers.

When a phone call came in from a viewer it was private and even though Amanda was live to camera the studio would continue the show in an overlay of information from the show producer talking about how to contact the show for a reading plus sharing with them relevant information coming up during the morning.

This set the precedent for the Psychic Today Show to  move into other time slots during the day with Psychics hosting the show live from the studio and on Skype from any where in  the world.     



All About You 

Now we move into a new  realm of TV production, the birth of TV content being made and broadcast for the new hungry Social Media Platforms.

Amanda found this exciting to be part of this new production from the beginning and being able to be part of this show over the distance with Video Skype .

With here  weekly segment talking about ‘ What’s Happening in the Universe” plus some readings reading for the viewers.  this quickly became a segment the viewers love to tune into to find out how the Universe was going to affect them by the stars.

Plus information shared and topics discussed with the hosts Steven Murphy & Vivienne Somers  during the segments each week.


A1R Psychic Radio + Moonstruck TV

Well now the world is getting smaller due to Social Media Platforms and Video Skype makes anything possible.

Now we are able to broadcast a show from the Gold Coast Australia all the way to Washington District in the USA and then they Broadcast worldwide on Radio & TV Platforms on Social Media.

How cool is that. Amanda joined this amazing network early into their Moonstruck TV format and has really made her show weekly very different from any other show on the network.

With viewers and listeners around the world tuning in and watching week after week to learn more about Psychic/Astrology subjects.

Working with a different soy candle, Simply Tarot card of week.

Plus 2 Free readings for viewers/listeners of the show. Completes this amazing show.

To Binge watch previous shows


Media-Examples-Amanda-Hall-Psychic. Radio-TV-Print. Media-through-the-years. Celebrity TV tarot master-astrologer has shared her wisdom.


Amanda Hall Psychic – Workshop Series – Facebook Live 

Due to popular request Amanda Hall Psychic commenced a weekly Facebook Live Workshop Series.

Directly after here previous show on A!R Psychic Radio + Moonstruck TV.

Each week we feature a Soy Candle from Amanda’s extensive range of 27 candles and we create a workshop using the candle plus valuable information to help change your life with INTENT – PURPOSE-DIRECTION.

The workshop series has grown in audience each week and we have people viewing from around the globe.

We feature a workshop each month on the Sun Sign- Astrology Sign, New Moon in Astrology Sign, Full Moon in Astrology Sign and then we round it off with other psychic subjects to complete the picture.

To Binge watch previous shows


Blog Talk Radio - New York
Blog Talk Radio – New York


9th July 2018


17th June 2019


radio 97

Amanda Hall Psychic work for Radio 97 & Fm 104  on the Tweed for  over 2 years with a weekly segment with Mark Ban,- Leon Delany &  Jane.

The show/segment was definitely different other psychic shows. we talked extensively about Astrology and how this influences all of our lives.

The phone lines were open to the public and week after week we had the switch board jammed.

We had loads of fun talking calls from people all over the Gold Coast and the Tweed region.

Leon Delany who was a bit tongue in check about Astrology challenged me to puck the Melbourne Cup winner. I gave him the info and he picked the horse from the Astrology clues. He had to admit he had not listened carefully when I supplied this and Astrology reigned supreme and I had accurately described the winning horse.

Mark was always asking question because he was genuinely interested and want to  know more. Plus he had a knack of knowing what the listeners where thinking and the questions they might ask.

Jane just went with flow and learnt a lot along the way. we converted her in then end.


Media-Examples-Amanda-Hall-Psychic. Radio-TV-Print. Media-through-the-years. Celebrity TV tarot master-astrologer has shared her wisdom.


Amanda Hall Psychic has been in demand writing for many publications over the years of her career.

Too many to list individually. All have been a pleasure to write and work with.

Each have required a different type of skill in writing Astrology just for them.

I have written many Q & A  and I suppose my favorite was  working with the Simply Tarot Cards.

But they all were very informative and relevant for the day and time in history.

So lets high light a sample of my great volume of written work


Goddess Full Colour Magazine 

Simply Astrology + Simply Tarot Q & A  


Goddess Issue dec 2010

Goddess Issue 2 Amanda Hall Tarot Moments

Zhem Magazine 

Astrology pages6 copy

Whitelight Magazine 

Astrologer & Tarot Columns (over a 20 years in various periods of printing)

Simply Tarot 1

Simply Tarot

whitelight summers stars 2016

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Astrology Cosmopolitan
Astrology Cosmopolitan


Sydney Observer  –  November 2018