Sun in Taurus + Workshop

Sun in Taurus + Workshop

sun-in-Taurus-workshop-understand family, friends, lovers. 2nd sign of Zodiac.Taurus first love is money and possessions. Love good food and fine jewelry.


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Sun In Taurus happens once a year as early as the 16th of the month and as late as the 26th.

So why does this happen.

Then Sun enters on different dates each year for each sign depending on the earth’s wobble.

That is why some people describe I am born on the “Cusp” This is not exactly true.

They are born within the range I have given you as a guide line for when the Sun can enters the Zodiac or Sun Sign for this year.

The word Cusp is the correct word for the line that divides the Zodiac/Astrology Sign energies into the 12 houses.





The Taurus Bull is a fixed and steady sign. Patience and moving slowly is the way of the bull.

A strong and definite person who like to have a rock solid plan at where and how their life will unfold.

They love luxury and comfort but don’t like to pay the high price tag they always have one eye on where the money is going.

They do like value for money and it must be good quality and should last a lifetime in their eyes for little money.


Taurus loves money

Money is there first love and they can never have enough of it.

They are very frugal and hate waste of any kind. Money is their first, second and third love. And they do not like to share with anyone.

What mini is mine and what is yours is mine and don’t forget did I tell you its all mine.

So when you understand they don’t’ know how to share you will get on fine.  A good solid meal at the end of the day is must.

They need sustenance not rabbit food is only a side dish. Life is always a steady pace with a Taurus, with plans ranging well into the future years ahead.  This makes them feel secure and in control of their own lives.


Mercury Conjunct Uranus + in Aries


Mercury is the planet of communication and when it is conjunct or holding hands with Uranus the planet of the unusual and unexpected.

We can expected in Aries we can expect some amazing breakthroughs with thoughts.

Ideas and light bulb moments about new and unexpected areas of our lives.

When anything is is in Aries it is asking us to be mindful that we need to take the lead and sometimes just rely on our selves to get things started it is not always the time to bring other people on board with out ideas just yet.

Now is the time to forge forward with great gusto and determination for the future and work with this amazing fast and furious energy while it is with us and don’t waste this energy has it does not happen often in our lifetimes.


Pluto Conjunct Mars + in Capricorn


Mars is where we need to execute action and drive in our lives and when he is said to be conjunct or holding hands with Pluto.

The planet of transformation and change we have a very powerful combination on our hands then we add the next layer of them both being in Capricorn where we need to get down to business in every sense of the word.

Now I hear you ask how is this going to affect little old me?

We it does affect each and everyone of us as we try to navigate our way through the days and weeks ahead.

We are all being asked to look at what we are responsible for in our lives now and how can we make changes for the better.

Is there important decision or changes we have been putting of now and making excuses about? Well now we have to make a start on addressing these today.

Not everything in our lives can be sorted this quickly but we can make a start.

If you are unhappy with something then now is time to kook at how we can transform our lives into being more aligned with our goals and wishes.

For some this we seem very confronting and overwhelming, break it down in very small steps now.


Taurus is the 2nd Sign of the Zodiac + The Bull + Earth Sign + Fixed + Passive


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sun-in-Taurus-workshop-understand family, friends, lovers. 2nd sign of Zodiac.Taurus first love is money and possessions. Love good food and fine jewelry.


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Join me Wednesday at 12.30pm AEST (Qld) as I present SUN IN TAURUS– MINI WORKSHOP with my very own FB Live video show with Amanda Hall Psychic.

I just love that technology allows us to be here on FB live to present a different mini workshop every week. We will talk about our topic of the week and how we can bring about changes into our lives.

Small changes bring results

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