Sun in Scorpio + Workshop

Sun in Scorpio + Workshop

Sun-in-Scorpio-workshop – 8th sign of the Zodiac the Scorpion – Deep hidden emotions. Needing to find answers to their life and move forward now.



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Sun In Scorpio


Sun in Scorpio  happens once a year as early as the 16th of the month and as late as the 26th. So why does this happen. Then Sun enters on different dates each year for each sign depending on the earth;s wobble. That is why some people describe I am born on the “Cusp” This is not exactly true. They are born within the range I have given you as a guide line for when the Sun can enters the Zodiac or Sun Sign for this year. The word Cusp is the correct word for the line that divides the Zodiac/Astrology Sign energies into the 12 houses.



Scorpio the Scorpion is a fixed and deep emotional sign.  Always to delve below the surface to understand their deep and some what hidden emotions.

First of all a they are a very secretive sign who does not feel they can trust many people and it can be hard to get to know them.

While they have sense of right and wrong sometimes they can not see what is right in front of them because they feel someone has lied to them and tried to deceive them.

For that reason they can be very obsessive and controlling of the people they ,love and are important to them in life.  

Finally Scorpio’s  can be obsessed with needing to be in control and always needing to not be deceived in any way. A lot of times it is in their head and not really happening. 

But above all they need to have people around them they can trust with everything. They love deeply an hate a the same deep intensity. 


Scorpio needs honest people in their lives  


First of all they need to feel they have your complete trust and you are honest to a fault.

But they need to spend time on their own to make sure all that they feeling and seeing is correct and truthful.

First of all they need they can trust you. Then they will set tests for you to pass before given and sort of trust.

So when you understand this is so important to them and are able to pass the hard tests will you maybe brought into the inner circle of trust.

But they are always looking to make sure you are worthy of the trust and love given to you. And making sure they can still trust you. The tests never finish.

First of all they need to feel in control of all situation. Then they may let you have an opinion of your own and may then you can make some of your decisions as long as they approve them first.

Above all their very deep emotions can be hard to understand even for them let alone any one close them in their life. A constant battle of the wits may seem to be happening here. 

Certainly it can be a challenging relationship but rewards are also equally beautiful when  trust and love you completely. Avery powerful love that runs very deep and for ever.


Sun-in-Scorpio-workshop – 8th sign of the Zodiac the Scorpion – Deep hidden emotions. Needing to find answers to their life and move forward now.


Jupiter in Sagittarius

A time of good luck and opportunities

Jupiter spends approximately 12 months in each sign. So this happens once every 12 years for each sign. 


History time – Jupiter  has just moved in Sagittarius from 9th November  2018 to 2nd December 2019 13 months transit.

Well this is exciting news for all Sagittarius people a time of great luck and opportunities opening up for them.

Well this is going to be a time to make hay while the sun shines so to speak.

First we to make thing happen in your life you have to actively participate with life and make it happen. Opportunities only happen if you get of the couch and actively pursue them.

Personal perspective for all us


Everything has the opportunity to change and give us new perceptive in the coming 12 months. Many will change direction and be a complete surprise to people around us.

Only after deep contemplation and analyzing from all angles will something be ruled in or out on a permanent basis.

It is like the indecision and procrastination of the past if behind us.

We all need to get into a positive frame of mind and aim high to make our dreams a reality.

Taking a few deep breathes and exhaling all the excessive negative energy now and replacing it with positive new energy to make our dreams a reality now. 

A time new opportunities , and think out side the box try something new and exciting. Positive new ideas and goals come from a change of thinking.

A time for focus on our own spiritual path and listen to our intuition or gut feelings now.

Plus we will be looking towards creating and building our wealth now for long term security.


Scorpio is the 8th Sign of the Zodiac + The Scorpion + Water Sign + Fixed + Passive


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Sun-in-Scorpio-workshop – 8th sign of the Zodiac the Scorpion – Deep hidden emotions. Needing to find answers to their life and move forward now.


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