Blood-Blue-Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

Blood-Blue-Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

             Blood Moon


Blood-Blue-Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo – very powerful moon cycle. The moon governs how we react emotionally in every area of our lives.

We commenced the show this week with our breaking news of the Lunar Phenomena



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Exciting times we live in history making news.

This week all got to experience history in the making in 150 years


Blood-Blue-Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

                          Blue Moon

A blood moon changes colour because of sunsets. Blue moon is 2nd full moon in calendar month. Lunar eclipse happen regularly through out a year. Eclipses happen around Full Moons.

This one was so significant as we have not had Lunar Phenomena in 150 years


Blood + Blue + Full Moon + Luna eclipse = History previous 150 years



How does this affect us all on a personal level?

We all need to be aware our emotions will be very big and dramatic, it can be the time to release all

the things that we need to release so we can be free to move forward with our lives.

This one is very powerful because it is so intense and so much energy surrounding us all.

Some people find they can’t sleep, they are cranky or out of sorts, fluid retention are all common experiences we can have to name a few.





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