Full Moon X Large Candle

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Full Moon X Large Candle

Full-moon-x-large-candle-Time of release all that is outworn in our lives. Emotions can be very intense as we release and remove old from our lives.


Full Moon Sign Large candle info

Full Moon is the perfect time of the month when the Moon is Full

Furthermore ready to share with her blessings.

Certainly at the time of the Full  Moon cycle.

Seems like it is the time to release all that is old.

Probably a good time to release all that is old and out worn.

Seems like time to forgive and and release all the old.

Finally all emotions and grievances we have been holding                                                                                                        onto to.

Candle Fragrance – French Vanilla



Full-moon-x-large-candle -bring towards you new opportunities now. The perfect time to set your intentions and commence new projects & future plans


  • Finally release all that is outworn.
  • First of all forgive yourself and others.
  • So allow your emotions to flow positive or negative.
  • Furthermore this is the perfect time to release all that is obsolete with the  Full Moon Astrology Soy Candle
  • Finally to set your intentions and bring towards you all that is new



While no matter what Astrology Sign we all have the power.

Even more to create change in a positive and uplifting way into our lives

By being positive and being mindful of the direction we are heading in

Creating new possibilities for increasing the potential of new and exciting

New Moon Natural Eco Soy Candle today

Full-moon-x-large-candle-Time of release all that is outworn in our lives. Emotions can be very intense as we release and remove old from our lives.


Intent- Purpose – Direction

  • Certainly each hand poured with love
    Intent – Purpose – Direction –  Candle

    • Therefore exciting times ahead as you co create your destiny and protect all the important areas of life with Full Moon candle.
    • Due to you changing your energy and remove all the negative influences surrounding you in life/work.
    • Certainly take the time to write your shopping list for the removal of all negative influences and situations in your life today.
    • Even more calm and peaceful as you draw the peace and protection into your life in every way.
    • Because so much more protection with candles.
    • Certainly Soy Candles to enhance your life and bring positive and uplifting loving energy into your home.
    • Even more Open yourself to many possibility of protection and removal of negative influences and energy now.
    • Due to candle in glass container with lid perfect for any home/work environment.
    • X large 60 hours  approx burn time with your home/space smelling and feeling divine how perfect is that for today’s world .

How to Burn your



  • First of all place candle on coaster and not direct on furniture before lighting.
  • Furthermore write on piece of paper what you would like to attract in your life and place under candle.
  • Above all light for 15 mins to 2 hours a day.
  • Also keep wick short and well-trimmed to enhance burning time.




Amanda Hall – Celebrity Astrology

has worked with candles

all her career and now is proud to release these

editions to our candle range to enhance your life.


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3 reviews for Full Moon X Large Candle


    Terry Virgina 8.10.15

    Beautiful Smelling Candles for Every situation..

    Amanda Halls Awesome Collection


    Melbourne Psychics For Parties And Events . 10.10.15

    Love these candles they are simply the best. I am always looking for products to work with that I can

    feel the integrity in. As a result I use and recommend this candles. Which are at times burning along with the show Soul Star Radio Lots of love xxxxxx Jacquelene Close Moore – psychic, artist, healer Soul Star Radio 20.10.2015

  3. am Hall

    Gerry Crow You should be proud Amanda!

    These candles are impressive, with unique

    spiritual, magical and healing properties.

    I have had very strong spiritual experiences while meditating with the

    beautiful Healing candle that you gave me.

    As soon as I lit it I had the vision of an ancient medicine woman.

    I heard her chanting and felt the blue healing light around her. She wasn’t one of my mob. However she did take her place in the circle of light that I work within and gave healing that was extended to all, thru the circle. It was Amazing, to be purchasing for my personal use and in my healing and readings with others! Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and all involved in creating the candles

    They are very special indeed!!!! Looking forward to seeing you XXXOOO

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