Business Partners Composite Chart – with Amanda Hall

Business-partners-composite-astrology chart understanding business partners. Business can be tricky so astrology can unlock the potential partners


Business Partner Composite Astrology Chart

First of all  – Business Partner Composite Chart – Understanding Business Partners

As A result -better understanding Business Partner Chart – Composite Chart Phone/Skype Session with Amanda Hall


finally your Composite Astrology Chart – Shares with you


  • Business and working with partners can be a mine field.
  • Everyone has a different approach to situations and decision especially in business.

    Astrology Chart
  • Business is like a marriage/commitment two or more people with same goals.
  • Going into business with your best friend
  • A match made in heaven I hear you say!
  • Now we shall have to wait and see.
  • The crack are starting to form.
  • So now why are you not so sure?
  • Not sure what the next step is ?
  • A Composite Astrology Chart with Amanda Hall



What Improvements can a chart bring to the Business?  


  • Well it can so simple when you understand the other person at how and why the make the choices they do.
  • A Composite Astrology Chart can share with you a lot of information on how and why you tick.
  • Will this help you in the Business?
  • Yes of course this will because you will be armed with new and innovative ways of dealing with the issues
  • The partners will now appreciate each other more as they have a better understanding of you both operate


Astrology Highlights the Differences 

  • Business partners are always different
  • Simply-astrology-natal-chart
     Astrology  Chart

    What do you both bring to the partnership

  • How will the partnership work
  • Can we look for the hidden areas of partnership?
  • We can and offer some suggestions on how to improve the relationship
  • Can we strengthen the union?
  • Knowledge is power and that is what this Composite Astrology Chart shares with you both
  • Bring better decisions into your business together and improve the bottom line


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    1. am Hall

      How good is this know all about your future partner business or love. I have had a few of these done now just simply amazing and informative on all levels. Chad

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