Astrology – Natal Chart  – Personality Profile -E Chart

Astrology-natal-chart-personality-profile-E-chart. Blue print of your life. Understand your self, family friends lovers better with knowledge of Astrology




Natal Astrology Chart -Personality- E Booklet. Always wanted to know more

about you personality now you can – lovers – friends- children

Simply Astrology Chart – Natal -Personality Profile- Blue print of your life

This amazing E booklet can help unlock they mysteries to you and why you are unique


In the Universe approx 30 pages of information All about you.


  • Understand your personality
  • Why do I think like this
  • I am so different to other people why
  • How can I improve my life
  • What is my life direction?



Then this is the chart for you. understand your lover, partner or children better with this amazing chart today.

Always wanted to understand more about your life through astrology


We are asking you to take a long deep look into your soul and what your lesson on earth are.

This can be very rewarding and exciting when  you see the possibilities of your life in a different way.


  • Snap shot of the heavens the day you were born
  • Guide to your life path
  • How to understand and work with your emotions in a new way
  • Understand how to solve life’s issues as they arise from time to time
  • What is my potential in life
  • Have a found it? 
  • Helping you unlock the mysteries to your inner self.
  • And so much more 


Astrology can be the tool you have been looking for

To help guide to you to reach your full potential in life

We all come here to learn lessons or karma 

Karma is a word most of us know but don’t really understand.

Karma can be good or not so good.

Depends on how you view life.

Life is an adventure to be lived each and every day

We all need challenges in our lives to help shape us into better human beings

So I believe Karma is positive in helping shape us into better people

So commence your journey into a new you today


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    1. am Hall

      Got one of these for both of my daughters they wanted know how Amanda knew so much about them.. ha ha thankful Dad xx

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