Simply Tarot or Secrets Of Tarot


Simply Tarot or Secrets of Tarot

Simply-Tarot-or-Secrets-of-Tarot – by Amanda Hall Psychic. Award winning Simply Tarot & Secrets of Tarot teach your self Tarot Kits .

                           Simply Tarot or Secrets Of Tarot Kits

Unsure of what decision to make or what lies ahead?


Unlock the mysteries of Tarot to find your path with this fantastic kit will have your reading your own future today with confidence.

Learn to read your very own tarot card today with this teach yourself step by step kit.


Simple and easy to follow from the book we will have your reading your own cards quickly.


                4 of Cups tarot card

Answer will come quickly when you work with the Simply Tarot or Secrets of Tarot cards with a basic

meaning printed on the bottom of the card to help you gain insight into your life plus to help tune into your own intuition and guidance


Amanda Hall Psychic

  Hinkler Books

Professional clairvoyant and astrologer Amanda Hall brings her over 40 years’ experience. After working and teaching Tarot for many year I had the pleasure of working with Hinkler Book Australia and designing the Simply




Tarot Set with DVD in 2005 then we we went onto create Secrets of Tarot in 2017 just for you.

Based on my many years of working with the Tarot my first deck was the Rider Waite Tarot deck which we recreated using purpose shot photographs and real live people and animals to bring the card to life for the 21st century.



Simply Tarot Master Class
Simply Tarot Master Class in the virtual classroom for the modern learning on Video Skype

Amanda commenced teaching many years ago with the Rider Waite deck and typed up sheets with

meaning of the cards and how to lay them out into different spreads.

When I was fortunate enough to work with Hinkler Books designing Tarot Cards and Book for them our first project

was the Simply Tarot Cards with Book Cards and DVD I suggested the meaning on the bottom of the card as it would make it really easy to perform a reading.

I have enjoyed every minute of teaching people how to improve their intuition and working with Simply Tarot cards and now Secrets of Tarot.

My students have range from people all walks of life and life skills. Some had no knowledge and other came with much experience and were already in the psychic industry before joining me in the classroom.


I have spent many years of teaching and training some of the worlds best psychics.





Psychic Tools

Tarot Cards tools ready for reading -candle journal and pen for taking notes of reading

Tarot and Astrology have always been her favorite tools to use. There are many different tools to choose from.

I always suggest you work with what you are drawn to. Some times it is a past life experience we draw on and this guides us in this life to where we need to go and how we learn our new skill from a teacher or a self taught method.

We never stop learning and improving our skills during our life.

Candles keep the energy clean and protected as you work with your tools and perform readings.



Simply Tarot Original with DVD and Simply Tarot Limited Edition


              Simply Tarot Set with DVD

The original Simply Tarot comes with a 46 min DVD to help you learn faster. The Richly colourful

Simply Tarot

Cards and 64 page colour book which mirror images the DVD for the complete learning system.




Secrets Of Tarot Kit

Secrets of Tarot
   Secrets of Tarot


Well in the box you will find the most beautiful 32-page full-colour book.

The Tarot Cars set comprises 78 richly illustrated cards with the imagery.

Tarot Cards using the Major and Minor Arcana.





Learn Today


Tarot Reading

With easy to follow instructions on how to lay the cards out and perform readings for your self using 78-card

laminated Tarot cards. You can book your very own private lessons with Amanda Hall @ lessons are private on the video skype any where any time.




Protection X Large candle info

When working with the Tarot or other Psychic Tools it is always important to protect yourself.

You work or psychic space must all be cleared and ready to receive information from your readings .

Secrets Of Tarot Soy Candles are perfect for this.

Light your candle and say a pray, then proceed into a small meditation as you stare into your candle and ask for

protection and clear your mind before commencing any psychic or reading.

This only need to be 10 mins and always thank your teams of guides for being with you and guiding you each time.



Simply Tarot or Secrets Of Tarot –  Soy Candles

Simply Tarot X Large Candle

Light the candle before you commence your reading. This helps yo get you into good intentions and open up your psychic powers to work with your guides in a protected and calm energy space.

Say your protection/pray as you stare into the flame of the candle for a few minutes in a calm and meditative space before you commence Working with psychic tools.




Protection Mini Candle Gift Box Set

Candles are a great way of meditating by gazing into the flame and allow your mind to clear. This can a good point of

focus especially if you have a busy mind and find it hard to meditate. practice does make perfect mediation is no different.

The candle burning bright from your Secrets Of Tarot candle clears the space ready for reading. Being in a calm and clear energy space is always recommended before commencing any  Psychic work.



Record your reading

Tarot Cards tools ready for reading -candle journal and pen for taking notes of reading

Keep a journal of your readings for future reference. This helps you chart your progress and see what has happened in your life that you have been given information for from your reading and your own intuition.

Always a good habit to get into to keep a journal and read it often. Many extra message can come this way plus it help strengthen your psychic muscles.





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